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Client Contact Info
We can help add your existing clients to your styleNbook account.
Appointment Requests
Clients can request an appointment by going to your personal appointment page on styleNbook!
Custom Website & Facebook Page
Let's work together to create a custom website for your salon.
(additional costs may apply)
Notifications & Reminders
  • Get notified when a client requests an appointment online
  • Automatic clients notification when an appointment is created,updated or removed.
  • Clients receive a reminder 24hr prior to their appointment.
You control the notification settings that work for you and your clients.
Recurring Appointments
Set standing appointments weekly, monthly and more.
Create custom promotions to increase your business and keep clients coming back.
Calendar Sync
Manage your schedule on styleNbook and sync all of your device's calendar app.
Manage Clients
Track all your clients and service history.
Track all of your sales, tips and payments.
Sales, Payments, Taxes
Quickly search through appointments, client, services, and more.
Block Time
Add notes and block time for errands.

"I had been using a very good and expensive program and couldn't see myself changing but then I received an informative postcard in the mail from styleNbook , and I said well with my present program I have to be in front of a computer to get my online appointments but with styNbook I don't , I can be anywhere and still keep in touch with my clients and be able to book their appointments!!"
- Mark, Houston

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